3 Buzzing Benefits of Drinking Honey Lemon Water

Honey and lemon create a buzzworthy flavour combination, largely due to the natural sweetness of the honey and the crisp tartness of the lemon. Adding them to an ordinary mug of hot water creates an extraordinary taste, one that goes down much easier than boring old water ever does.

Raw organic honey has plenty of health benefits on its own, from providing nourishing antioxidants to help you power through your day to soothing digestive issues, to name a few. Lemons are brimming with vitamin C, a potent antioxidant, plus they help with heart health and weight loss.

But what happens when you combine these two stellar forces of healthfulness in a glass and drink it every day? Bee-U-tiful things, that’s what! Here’s why you should feel good about drinking this dynamic duo!

1. It can give you that extra push you need to lose weight

If weight loss is high on your list of priorities, one thing you need to do is drink plenty of water. Unfortunately, most people still don’t drink enough of it. Honey lemon water can help with that because of its delicious taste, especially if you’ve got a nasty habit of drinking sugary sodas. It satisfies the palate while delivering essential vitamins and nutrients.

Science is on honey lemon water’s side too, for if you drink a can of soda, you’re getting 110 calories and 30 grams of sugar. Swap that out with the naturally delicious flavours of honey lemon water and you’re only getting 25 calories and just 6 grams of sugar when using a spoonful of honey.

So when should you drink lemon and honey water? As mentioned, having it throughout the day will keep you hydrated while giving you a nutrient boost. If your goal, however, is to lose weight then having it warm first thing is recommended as it helps the body to flush out toxins.

2. Honey lemon water can help you alleviate cold and flu symptoms

As cold and flu season fast approach, honey lemon water can be your secret weapon for staying healthy.

Honey is incredibly soothing, especially for coughs while lemons contain an incredible amount of vitamin C. Vitamin C is known for eliciting the production of white blood cells which are the ones that fight off pesky infections and germs.

Adding raw honey to warm lemon water and drinking this it first thing in the morning is also known to help with sore throat and cold. 

On top of the science behind it, drinking honey lemon water is extremely soothing and comforting. The aroma is invigorating yet relaxing, something that begs to be sipped and enjoyed.

3. It helps your digestive system function properly

And now, we’ll go back to our first point…drinking enough water. When you slack on your hydration, your body shows its disapproval by acting out in digestive function. Often, constipation is a painful result, which is why getting enough fluids will help keep things moving.

But one thing about honey lemon water that goes beyond just drinking plain water is that it adds another layer of hydration to a parched system. Because it encourages drinking, you wind up giving your body the fluids it needs, plus raw honey is beneficial for your good gut bacteria that keep your digestive system thriving. And that lemon is the icing on the cake with plenty of vitamin C to keep immunity within the digestive system healthy and right.

When making honey lemon water at home, make sure you choose ethical raw honey to get the benefits straight from the bees. Use organically grown lemons too to avoid consuming pesticides and toxins.

At BeeRoots, we encourage you to join us in the revolution for natural living with products that make a difference in our health and our environment.

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  1. Barbara Wyncoll says:

    I will certainly give it a try as I have just bought some of your honey, and I am recovering from major heart surgery thanks for the info

    1. BeeRoots says:

      The team at BeeRoots wish you a speedy recovery & good health!

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