What is raw honey?

Raw honey is honey that is unprocessed, unheated and un-mixed. It is honey in its most natural form.

What are the benefits of raw honey?

Raw honey is loaded with vitamins and other rich properties. Due to its raw state, it preserves all it’s antioxidant and enzymes which gives it can help to restore your body inside and out.

What is Natura 2000?

Natura 2000 is a network of protected area across the European Union which includes many different and diverse areas that are of special interest when it comes to conservation and habitat protection.

What does ethically harvested mean? Isn’t all honey ethically harvested?

At BeeRoots we are against all forms of animal cruelty – and that extends towards insect life too. Many commercial bee farms feed their bees with sugar, rather than allowing the bees to feed on their own honey. This is to maximise the yield of honey and increase profits. This makes bees weaker and more susceptible to illnesses and we feel that it is unethical to practice. Our philosophy is to work with nature and only share the excess honey that the bees produce.

What does cold-extracted mean?

Cold extracting is a process where the honey is removed from the frames without heating the honey. We use a traditional hand-operated centrifuge to extract the honey. This allows us to retain all the superfood qualities for you to enjoy.

Is your raw honey organic?

Our honey comes from the most pristine and untouched areas in Natura 2000 regions. We do not use any chemicals or pesticides and we follow organic principles.

Is your honey blended?

Our honey is raw, unblended and unadulterated.

Is your raw honey pasteurized?

Our honey is cold-extracted and non-pasteurized.

Why does my honey have “bits” in it?

Our honey is only coarsely filtered so that it retains the pollen gains and other fine particles.

Why has my honey solidified/crystallised?

A key characteristic of raw honey is that it naturally crystallises, however different types of honey will crystalise at different rates.

Does honey go off?

Honey is composed of around 80% sugar and 18% water. The composition of honey and its special properties allows it to keep almost indefinitely. However, it is a legal requirement to put a best before date on the jar.