Our process

Our farm’s strict organic process ensures we share the finest natural, raw honey to call your own.

BeeRoots Honey
Ethically harvested

The entire process of making honey is about maintaining a healthy and natural environment

To maintain a cruelty-free, sustainable, and ethically responsible approach, we only ever harvest excess honey from our hives. This means we never need to feed our hardworking bees with sugar or syrup as we provide honey to last them through the seasons, leaving plenty for the bees to call their own.

This is a far more ethical way of collecting honey as it keeps the bees healthy and results in the cleanest, richest raw honey.

Our eco-friendly values, mean that we carefully plan our process to ensure minimal impact on the environment. Many of our hives are handmade, created from sustainably sourced wood, to help diminish our carbon footprint.

When we’re not tending to our hives, we’re planting flowers and plants in our local area. Nature has provided for us, so it is only right to give back and help maintain biodiversity.

Natural Bee Keeping

The BeeRoots process


Where it all begins

Our apiaries in Natura 2000 offers the perfect conditions for honey production due to the clean and pristine landscape area.


Balanced beekeeping

We practice what we call, balanced beekeeping. This means we interfere as little with the bees as possible, ensuring a peaceful and natural environment for growth.


Collecting only excess honey

Once the bees have sealed the honey in the comb, we select a few chosen frames containing the finest raw honey which we prepare for extraction.


Extracting raw honey

We use a hand-operated centrifuge to cold-extract our honey which we then store at optimal temperatures of around 10-20 degrees celsius.


Bottling and packing

Our raw honey is then carefully bottled by hand and packaged up by our in-house honey experts.


From us to you

The final stage is to deliver and share the BeeRoots experience to you.

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Nature’s favourite
brand of honey

Each jar is hand packaged by our in-house honey experts, so you can rest assured your jar has been lovingly prepared by the BeeRoots team.

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