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Love for nature. Passion for honey.

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We’re deeply rooted in preserving our environment and have an unrivalled passion for producing intensely flavoured raw honey.


With nature’s collaboration

Raw honey, unlike your average UK shop bought honey, is unpasteurised which helps us to retain all the precious nutrients which are normally lost through heating and filtering.

BeeRoots honey is ethically harvested, intensely flavoured raw honey. So what you buy from us is pure organic honey, that is unmatched both in taste and nutritional value.

The benefits of raw honey are numerous and can be enjoyed across our rich and diverse range. You can buy our organic honey in a variety of flavours including a creamy white honey, our floral acacia honey, a light amber linden honey plus our superfood wild sunflower honey. All of which have been specifically chosen for their wide variety of health benefits, their taste and the top quality that each honey has to offer.

  • Unpastuerised
    and unprocessed
  • Ethically
  • Medicinal
  • Loaded with Vitamin C
    and minerals
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Nature’s favourite
brand of honey

Each jar of organic honey is hand packaged by our in-house team. So you can be rest assured your honey jar has been lovingly prepared by BeeRoots in the UK.

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