6 Interesting uses of Raw Honey

Interesting and Surprising Uses for Raw Honey You’ll Want to Try Right Now

Many people are surprised to find out that raw honey has so many different uses than just stirring it into tea. It can be used to quell coughs, help relieve allergies, and even clear up blemishes on the skin. But there are some truly creative and interesting uses for raw honey that even big-time honey lovers are always surprised to discover.

At BeeRoots, we hope you’ll find many ways to gain better health inside and out with our ethically harvested organic honey that is good for you and the environment too. Here are some of our favourite uses for raw honey!

Make marshmallows

If you have kids, you know there’s no end to the aisles of junk and sugary treats that they want you to buy. Among them are marshmallows. From the store, they contain sugar, corn syrup, tetrasodium pyrophosphate, artificial flavour, and other processed ingredients that certainly don’t sound delicious at all. It’s easy to make your own using BeeRoots raw honey though. Recipes like this one here make it easy to create healthy marshmallows you’ll feel good about giving your kids.

Make lip balm

If you enjoy making homemade beauty products, making raw honey lip balm is a great project. Using all-natural ingredients including raw honey, you’ll have soft and supple lips. Plus, it’s never a bad idea to have a great homemade gift idea to give to all your friends and family during the holidays.

Create the perfect cheese board

Having your mates over for an evening of wine and fun? You’ll no doubt want to create the perfect cheese board for the occasion. Cheese boards do best when they have a little bit of everything on there to elevate the tasting experience. Depending on your crowd, you’ll want a few different cheeses ranging in texture and flavour along with two types of cured meats. Olives, nuts, and jams are a must, and of course, raw honey! It’s absolutely divine drizzled atop a cracker mounded with fresh goat cheese.

Make dairy-free caramel sauce

Is there anything better than drowning ice cream in puddles of oozing caramel sauce? Yes, actually. Making a dairy-free version of it with raw honey makes it healthier. This allows you to satisfy indulgences without ruining your hard work at the gym. 

Boost your shampoo

As a known humectant, raw honey can help dry hair bounce back to vibrant good health. It also strengthens follicles to help it grow in better. Try adding a bit of honey to your shampoo to see the difference.

Have a honey cocktail party

If you want to do something different with your friends instead of uncorking wine, try making tasty cocktails with BeeRoots raw honey. It adds a wonderful, floral sweetness without using sugar, great for replacing sugary mixers and of course, sugar itself. Get creative and see what kind of cocktail concoctions you can create!

Try using BeeRoots cruelty-free raw honey as your base for all things health and food and you can’t go wrong!


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